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Maryna Bilynska, defense security consulting, defense, security, consulting, Ukraine

Market Development

Strategic Communications

Prof. Dr. Maryna Bilynska

Advisory Counselor

Prof. Maryna Bilynska is a public policy expert and consults non-governmental and governmental organizations on security and defense sector policy making and analysis. With over 35 publications including international conferences and textbooks, she has presented at high-level international conferences including NATO Headquarters.

As Vice-president of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine, she researched and developed public administration reforms, conducted institutional and policy analysis pertaining to peace and security issues. In her 10 years of tenure Maryna also supported capacity building processes for government officials.

A a Professor of Public Administration and Public Service Department she organized Master`s, PhD and Post-doctoral Programs as well as training for Senior civil servants from all regions of Ukraine.

A Co-founder and Chair of the Board of Directors of Ukraine's Resilience Center,  Maryna leads research and advocacy on resilient public administration and management in the defense and security spheres. She has significant experience in media relations having participated in radio programs for national radio and TV.

She participated in multiple advanced trainings such as Advanced training on Security Sector Reform, 2018 held by Irish Defence Forces in association with the International Security Sector Advisory Team of the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces, the Workshop CENTROC “Central Role of the Commander Accomplish  the Mission Respecting the Law”, Geneva, Switzerland, NATO training course “Defence Leadership in Building Integrity" in 2011, and studied advanced project management in the German – Ukrainian School of Governance in 2017.

She has practical oriented knowledge of human rights, gender equality, peace and security frameworks during reform of decentralization in Ukraine and participated in L’ENA Training visit “The French system of in-service training for public servants”, Paris - Strasbourg.

She is fluent in English, Ukrainian and Russian. Her skills ensure she is able to organize and participate in high-level dialogues, consultations and workshops; to coordinate and organize multiple stakeholders’ activities and liaison with governmental and non-governmental stakeholders.

Her special interests include research, advocacy, strategic communications, international networking, strategic planning, project management, security studies, yoga and philosophy.

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