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Black Trident LLC is a boutique defense and security consulting group, founded in 2019.

We build innovative security and defense partnerships with Ukraine.


Black Trident clients acquire a unique understanding of local and global operating environments
and we realize actionable solutions for them.

Black Trident, defense, security, consulting, Ukraine, weapons

With over 15 Ukraine-specialists from 7 countries our combined cross-sectoral security expertise spans over 150 countries and contains working proficiency in 19 languages.

Black Trident’s reach is global.


More than half of our team holds at least one post-graduate degree and about half
has commendable armed-force expertise; all are well-versed in security matters.

Black Trident has deep knowledge and experience.


Black Trident’s Associate and Consultant specialties include the following fields:

Political, Societal, Еconomic and Military Security

Digital Transformation and Cyber Security

Military Intelligence (open source)

Market Development and Sales

We understand that security extends to the military, societal, political,
economic and environmental sectors.

This is why the Black Trident approach is comprehensive. 

* A select part of our consultants does not appear on this site. For more information, please contact us.

Black Trident Corporate Snapshot
Anti-corruption & General Compliance Policy and Ethics Code



The Trident (Tryzyb) is Ukraine’s traditional, ancient symbol and coat of arms. Sviatoslav the Brave, the Grand Prince of Kyiv (943-972) and great warrior of Kyivan Rus, was the first to initiate the use of this symbol for the great medieval state in the form of a bi-dent (our logo). 


He was famous for his bold military operations and vigorous foreign policy. Later, after adopting Christianity in 988, his son Volodymyr the Great added one more prong to the great seal thereby creating the tryzub. The trident remains Ukraine’s national emblem to this day. 

Black is required for all other colors to have depth and variation of hue. It has always been connected to strength, authority, intelligence and wisdom.


Our Black Trident team always has vigorous intentions to provide the depth of knowledge necessary for effective decision-making and the successful realization of Ukraine-centered, projects.

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