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From the perspective of national security, the societal sector is linked to power through the national will.

The objective of societal security is to have a strong “we” identity constructed in a manner that benefits the state and society mutually. The purpose is having the ability to mobilize common interests to ensure the state’s fullest utilization of its tangible power. To this end, factors including language, culture, health policies, religion, historical ties and the collective memory play a key role in the level of national and territorial integration. Hybrid warfare weaponizes these currencies to limit cultural reproductive capacity and the state’s ability to realize its full power potential. 

Ukraine’s democratic choice and Euro-Atlantic path has opened wide avenues for innovation and the elaboration of its identity. As Ukraine continues to establish itself as a viable business partner and a center of ancient culture, Black Trident identifies viable partners and promotes monitoring and evaluation of projects aimed at prosperity. Our team also provides clients insight into the actors and policies blocking Ukraine’s democratic and Euro-Atlantic transformation. 

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