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Lada Roslycky, defense security consulting, defense, security, consulting, Ukraine

Lada L. Roslycky LLM, PhD

Founder and Managing Partner

With a vision of a secure world with Ukraine as the keystone of innovation and stabilityDr. Lada L. Roslycky founded  Black Trident LLC in 2019.  To help businesses, government representatives and non-governmental organizations understand and work with Ukraine better, she created a Ukraine-oriented defense and security consulting group made up of prominent international security and defense experts.


To promote defense cooperation, under her leadership, Black Trident has signed memorandums of cooperation with Ukraine’s lead private defense manufacturing associations as well as UKROBORONPROM. An American-Canadian-Ukrainian international security expert, she was the lead author of the national security section of the 2019 Toronto Principles, the 5-year Roadmap for Ukrainian Reforms. 


She also has significant experience in media relations, having developed television programming for stakeholders including the European Commission and 1+1 Media and Transparency International Security and Defense Program. She is a regular personality on leading radio & television stations including WION, Al Jazeera, BBC Arabic, Sky News, Asharq, Alhurra, The Globalist, etc.


Dr. Roslycky is also the guest editor of the Partnership for Peace Consortium’s special Ukraine editions of Connections: The Quarterly Journal, and special international correspondent for the Kyiv Post.

Market Development


Strategic Communications

Her astute legal, analytical and research skills are reflected by the fact that her 2011 PhD dissertation (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen) predicted russia’s [sic.] illegal 2014 annexation of Crimea. The work exposed how its Black Sea Fleet served as an anchor for psychological and political-criminal operations aimed at separatism. As a fellow of the Harvard University Black Sea Security Program, she applied Regional Security Complex Theory to corruption as statecraft. Lada is the co-founder and former Head of Content of the Independent Defense Anti-Corruption Commission (NAKO) in Kyiv. 


Fluent in 5 languages, her cross-cultural experience and skills ensure sensitive and productive engagement. Her special interests include strategic planning, research, advocacy, communications, international networking, project management, Rotary Club International, sailing and flowers.

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