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Black Trident Defense & Security Group is a multi-service limited liability corporation facilitating the sustainable development and reform of Ukraine’s defense and security sectors. ​

Each member of our international consortium has deep insight and proven experience with international and national security as well as the defense sector. Black Trident appreciates that security extends to the military, societal, political, economic and environmental sectors. This is why our approach is comprehensive. ​

Our clients receive tailor-made intelligence and services that are as reliable as they are effective. ​

We appreciate the rule of law, integrity, transformation, and the development of Ukraine’s defense and security sectors. 

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From Memos to Books 

From short memos, briefs, or backgrounders to risk assessments and proper, full length publications, Black Trident provides clients high-quality research, backed by  academic and practical insights.
Informed decision-making is at the core of good choices, effective capacity building and business development. Our approach to research is multi-faceted, logical, and based on the understanding of our client’s needs. 
Ukraine’s national security and defense sectors have been in a state of transition for over twenty-five years. The lack of reliable and dependable information makes certain stakeholders, investors and business shy away from investing or doing business with Ukraine; a state that has a lot to offer. 
We fill gaps in knowledge and understanding.
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From Concepts to Tactics

From conceptualizing to monitoring and evaluation, Black Trident provides clients  a clear understanding of  what needs to be done, and how, in order to succeed. 
Transforming concepts into strategies accompanied by workable tactics, Black Trident's international experts develop strategies,  goals,  plans, maps, guideposts, and key performance measurements. 
Ukraine's defense and security sector dynamics have a lot to offer. Yet, the dynamic political and reform processes, can muddy the waters for stakeholders and those interested in realizing projects or doing business with Ukraine. 
We bring workable structure to ideas, projects and plans.
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Strategic Сommunications

From Grassroots to Global

From investor, government and community relations to industry events, media production and crisis communication, Black Trident provides clients a voice that is properly  formulated,  conveyed and understood. 

Ukraine’s national security and defense sectors are  transforming. Knowing who to work with, and how, is key to ensuring positive outcomes. We understand legislative processes, how to create connections, messaging, and effective business, government, civil society and media relations.


Effective advocacy requires a proven ability to think, act independently and creatively, to work with colleagues at all levels, multitask, and an excellent sense of planning, organization and management of priorities. Black Trident has established international  institutional relationships and highly regarded reputations. 

We give clients a voice through effective strategic communication.
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