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Michel Duray, defense security consulting, defense, security, consulting, Ukraine

Michel Duray

Advisory Counselor

* Michel Duray is an honorary member of Black Trident's Advisory Board.

His valued participation is fully voluntary. 

Mr. Duray is a former NATO official, where he served for 22 years, occupying various positions in the fields of defense economics, defense governance and reform, public diplomacy, risk management and modern internal auditing.

He is very familiar with Ukraine, where he headed twice, as Director, the NATO Information and Documentation Centre. Prior to this he played a key role in developing defense economic related programs between NATO and Ukraine. Some programs, launched in 2000, are still running.

In 2013, Mr. Duray became Senior Advisor on Risk Management to the NATO International Staff Financial Controller. He promoted and actively contributed to the creation of a proper Internal Audit Service for the International Staff in NATO Headquarters in Brussels. In 2016, he became Senior Internal Auditor of the NATO Headquarters International Staff, with a direct reporting line to the Office of the Secretary General. His favorite topics are governance auditing, joint international cooperation and reform programs, in particular in the field of defense and security.


Mr. Duray has regularly been invited as a subject matter expert in the NATO-led Trust Fund Building Integrity program, briefing staff and students in security-related universities and academies, both in Georgia and Ukraine. 


He left NATO in June 2019, and is now a member of the Board of the Belgian Euro-Atlantic Association. He advises on a voluntary basis various entities and NGOs on international security and policy issues. 


Mr. Duray is a citizen of the Kingdom of Belgium. He has a Degree in International Relations (Louvain University), Master in Slavic studies (Brussels Free University) and another Master in Russian philology (Paris Sorbonne). He holds a certificate in Risk Management (Brussels Solvay Business School). He is a retired officer of the Belgian Armed Forces (Army) and was deployed to operations in conflict zones. He is fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, English and French.

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