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Maya Woloshyn, defense security consulting, defense, security, consulting, Ukraine

Maya Woloshyn


As Black Trident's operations and business development manager, Maya draws on her multifaceted experience and knowledge in a diverse range of industries and markets to facilitate best business practices, identify information gaps, and deliver targeted opportunities and services to clients and partners.  


Having started her career in New York City's finance industry, Maya served as a core member of The Rockefeller University's investment team,  working in multiple capacities over her five-year tenure to collaboratively manage a $1.8 billion portfolio across a variety of asset classes. From 2013, she shifted her focus to strategic communications and open-source intelligence analysis, providing daily  briefings to senior executives and government officials as a Senior Analyst at Bulletin Intelligence...

A second generation Ukrainian-American, Maya has lifelong ties to Ukraine and the diaspora community and has spent extended periods of time in Ukraine to further cultivate her knowledge and understanding of current affairs and developments. She has also participated in several Election Monitoring missions over the years.


Maya holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Virginia with a second major in Foreign Affairs and a minor in Slavic Languages and Literature. Her special interests include researching and analyzing opportunities and best practices, identifying and implementing innovative solutions, developing meaningful connections, walking across countries, and traveling the world. She is based in the United States.

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