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Leonid Polyakov, defense security consulting, defense, security, consulting, Ukraine


Strategic Communications

Mr. Leonid Polyakov

Democratic Civilian Control, Political Security, Military & Defense

Chairman of the Expert Council, Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies -2009-2021.  Deputy Minister of Defense in March 2014-May 2014, First Deputy Minister of Defense in 2005-2008, and as Director at the Razumkov Center, Military (Security/Defense) Programs in 2000-2005. 20 years of military service include command postings in Soviet Army, including combat tour in Afghanistan, and service in the General Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Academic record includes Harvard University Fellowship, 2008 - 2009; Senior Executive Course, George C. Marshall Center, 2001; US Army War College, 1995; Frunze Military Academy, Moscow, 1993; Kyiv Higher Combined-Arms Command Military School, 1983; Kyiv Radio-Electronics Technical College, 1979.

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