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Ihor Kabanenko (Admiral Ret)

Market Development Military & Defense

Ihor Kabanenko is a retired Admiral with the Ukrainian Navy. He served as the Chief of Operations and the Chief of Staff of the Ukrainian Navy, the Military Representative of Ukraine to NATO, Chief of Operations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and the First Deputy Chief of Defence. He retired in 2013, with the rank of Admiral. From May to August 2014, Ihor Kabanenko served as the Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Defense, and from August to October 2014 – as Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine for European Integration. Currently, he is the president of UA.RPA (Ukrainian Advanced Research Project Agency), which focuses on high-tech solutions and products for defense.He defended his PhD thesis in the sphere of risk management and military conflicts resolution and is the author of a number of publications in defense & security sphere.

Fields of expertise

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